Rename This After Kenneth Matiba - Kenyans Now Demand

  • Leaders and regular Kenyans online have called for pro-democracy icon Kenneth Matiba, who passed away on Sunday, to be honoured by having key landmarks, institutions and projects named after him.

    Appearing on a morning television show, nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura called for Murang'a University to be renamed Kenneth Matiba University.

    "I want to propose that Murang'a University be renamed after him (Matiba). This is a great icon and we should give him a good sendoff," Mwaura stated.

    Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata, in a separate TV appearance, also mourned the legendary politician and businessman, crediting him for his entry into politics.

    He then proposed that water projects which were close to Matiba's heart be named after him.

    [caption caption="The entrance to Murang'a University"][/caption]

    "I would propose that there be a number of projects named after Kenneth Matiba; envisage projects that were dear to him like water projects," Kang'ata suggested.

    Former Nairobi gubernatorial contestant and investment banker Jimnah Mbaru took to social media to propose that River Road in downtown Nairobi be renamed after Matiba.

    "I suggest we change River Road to Kenneth Matiba Road. It would be a fitting honour for this hero of the second liberation in Kenya," he tweeted. 

    Kenyans online called for various places such as Thika Road, Uhuru Park and City Stadium to be renamed after the former Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Minister and Presidential Candidate.

    "I suggest we rename Uhuru Park to Matiba Memorial Park," one user proposed.

    [caption caption="File image of Kenneth Matiba on the campaign trail"][/caption]