Bungoma Deputy Governor Charles Ngome Collapses at Serena Hotel

  • Bungoma Deputy Governor Charles Ngome Kibanani collapsed on Wednesday morning at Serena hotel.

    Reports indicate that he was rushed to hospital where he is receiving treatment.

    Mr Kibanani was scheduled to appear on a talk show hosted by a local radio station at the hotel.

    According to Citizen Digital, Kibanani's wife Hellen Nangekhe told Sulwe FM on phone that she had been informed of the incident and is awaiting more information.

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    Bungoma Director of Communication Tim Machi, however, gave a different account saying the deputy governor woke up "feeling weak" and was taken to the hospital immediately.

    "It is not true that he collapsed. He was set to attend the show but when he woke up today he felt weak and he went to (The) Nairobi Hospital," he said.

    Last month, Ngome and Sirisia MP John Waluke almost engaged in a fight following a disagreement between them.

    The two are reported to have turned against each other in a bid to support their bosses. 

    The incident happened at Nzoia Sugar Company house when the privatization committee chairman Henry Obwocha was holding a meeting with leaders, sugarcane stakeholders and farmers.

    Trouble began when Waluke stated that the privatisation process was right but it would take three years to be implemented, a move which made the farmers opposed to it heckle at him.

    "Privatisation isn't bad but we need time to discuss it, let us give it like three years so that we can reach the way forward," noted Waluke.

    However, when Ngome was addressing the farmers and stakeholders, he criticised Waluke for supporting the privatization of the sugar company instead of allowing the counties to acquire it for the benefit of local farmers.

    When Ngome finished addressing the crowd and went to occupy his seat at the tent, a commotion started forcing Obwocha, Jubilee MPs Didymus Barasa (Kimilili) and Mwambu Mabonga (Bumula) to separate the two leaders who were having a bitter verbal exchange.

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