Babu Owino's Powerful Statement After Handshake With Uhuru

  • Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino shook hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday at Parliament Buildings after which he later told the press that the move was aimed at reconciling the nation as he is not a person who harbours hate.

    The outspoken legislator further stated that he wants the best for the country and it was time to bury the hatchet.

    "It is time for Kenyan citizens to move forward. It is not time for us to fight. Whenever we fight we lose resources, time and money.

    "When there is peace we can develop ourselves and grow this nation. The step I took (shaking hands with the President) symbolised moving forward.

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    "I was not born with hatred in my heart. I’m a very clean person, and I want the best for the Kenyan citizens," he remarked.

    Babu was one of the leaders who constantly attacked the Head of State during the campaign period in 2017 and was even locked up for uttering disrespectful words aimed at President Kenyatta.

    During the State of the Nation address on Wednesday, the President affirmed that it was time for Kenyans to apologize to each other for the division caused by the 2017 Presidential Election before asking them to come together.

    He appeared pleasantly surprised when lawmakers in the house immediately started shaking hands, with Babu and another MP walking up to him to shake his.

    "Neither peace nor unity is given, we must work for them. I say so because I believe last year taught me that if we don't put an end to unrestrained political competition, it will put an end to Kenya," he stated.

    "Let us each apologize for our words and for the anger and malice... from Lodwar to Lunga Lunga, let us shake hands and embrace our neighbours," the President continued.

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