Outrage After Ambulance Breaks Down With Critical Patient on Board

  • There was outrage after an ambulance broke down while taking a patient who was in critical condition to the hospital in Meru County.

    According to residents, the county ambulance had picked the patient from Muthara and it developed mechanical problems on its way to Meru town.

    On seeing this, Gakurine resident Wilson Mugambi stated that they went to inquire what the problem was only to realize that the emergency vehicle had no fuel.

    [caption caption="The stalled ambulance"][/caption]

    "We found the patient was near death. So to save the patient's life we pushed the ambulance to the nearest petrol station, contributed some money and put fuel in it," he told reporters.

    He added: "The driver was able to start it but it didn't get far and that is when we called other ambulances to come and help the situation."

    [caption caption="The stalled ambulance"][/caption]

    The patient was evacuated by a private ambulance before the county ambulance was towed away.

    The incident angered the residents who barricaded the Meru-Maua road.

    Police were forced to fire teargas at the protesters who were demanding answers on why the Meru county government was using faulty ambulances.

    "We question how come a government vehicle left the hospital without being serviced," Mugambi stated.

    Here is the video courtesy of Nation: