William Kabogo Asks to Be Given EACC Job

  • William Kabogo on Wednesday passionately iterated his dedication to deal with the escalating incidents of corruption in the country.

    Speaking on Citizen TV, the former Kiambu Governor expressed interest in the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) job in order to fight the menace.

    Giving his opinions towards the rampant corruption scandals being reported in the country, Kabogo indicated that the war on corruption was not as complex as it appears.

    "Make me EACC (Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission) boss… That business of looting will stop before I even get there.

    "The money involved in graft is moved through banks. Why can’t we trace the money and let people explain it?" he posed.

    [caption caption="Kabogo with President Uhuru"][/caption]

    The former county boss directed his blame to the banks accusing some individuals in financial institutions of being conduits of the (corruption) money.

    He further called on Kenyans to participate in the fight by sharing information whenever they see large sums of unexplained money being moved around.

    "Please, hand over the information to Kenyans. Let us try them in the public now. Let us shout the hardest.

    "Looting is carried out by an organized group. I would first go to those in charge of IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management Information System).

    "We need to tell those in office to fight corruption. We must stop officers from getting imprest which they do not account for," Kabogo quipped.

    Kabogo also directed his message to the President urging him to conclusively deal with the corruption menace.

    "My message to Kenyans, if you know Mheshimiwa X is corrupt and you know he is corrupt, he is not corrupt alone.

    "I am worried about where Kenya is going. I would like to assist the President by saying: Bwana Uhuru Kenyatta, please deal with corruption," he noted.

    However, he opined that the Head of State had done nearly everything at his disposal to fight corruption.

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    Kabogo recalled how in 2017, the President made a passionate appeal during a conference inside State House on issues corruption where he posed the question: "What have I not done?"

    "People talk about corruption like it is an animal. If you know forever, I have had a Nissan Sunny for a car; Then I quickly get a Ministerial position, and I have four Lexus, what do you need to tell you who a thief is?" Kabogo posed.

    A section of Kenyans have called for the public execution of corrupt government officials as is the case in some countries like China and North Korea.