Nascos Services City Restaurant Shut Down

  • Nascos city restaurant was shut down on Wednesday for illegal dumping.

    This is after county officials arrested street boys dumping garbage in the CBD and they revealed that they had been sent by the hotel.

    During Wednesday's raid, three workers were also arrested and county secretary Peter Kariuki revealed that the same action would be extended to hotels that engage in similar activities.

    "Immediately the County secretary alerted us, we proceeded to Sheikh Karume road where we arrested the street boys who informed us they had been sent by the hotel.

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    “We have been fighting illegal dumping but such illegal acts make it hard for us. We are now looking to make it mandatory that every restaurant or business has contracted a garbage collection firm.

    "The arrest reveals how business people are illegally dumping garbage. To make matters worse, they dump in locations away from their premises," he revealed.

    Deputy environment director Lawrence Mwangi said the management of the restaurant has been illegally dumping waste from the premise using street urchins but the restaurant's manager Daniel Obondo gave a different account.

    He claimed the county environment officers were retaliating after he declined to give them a Ksh100,000 bribe they had demanded.

    "They demanded Ksh100,000 and when I declined, they took away three of my staff members," he stated.

    Mr Mwangi confirmed that the three individuals arrested, namely; Kevin Onyango Dede, Boke Stephen Naheke and Mary Moraa Sagwe had been charged at the city hall courts with illegal waste disposal.

    Nairobi has been on the spot over garbage menace in the city as most streets have been turned into dumpsites.

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