Kenya's Trending Topics on May 25, 2018

  • Kenyans were on Friday engaged in heated discussions on Twitter concerning the ongoing probe into a Ksh9 Billion scandal at National Youth Service (NYS).

    On the topic "NYSScandal", a number of citizens shared their outrage while making declarations over the actions they would take against the culprits and political players implicated.

    Civil society groups called for street protests against the government, some netizens promised to kick out the Jubilee regime in 2022 while others asked for a re-enactment of Prof. Kithaka Wa Mberia's play Kifo Kisimani where the main character was assassinated.

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    Public Service and Youth Principal Secretary Lillian Mbogo Omollo, while appearing before the National Assembly Public Accounts Committee, declared that the amount could not have disappeared without the Auditor General noticing.

    Other topics that trended alongside the NYS scandal were "NCPB" and "Youth Fund". The two topics sparked discussions as other corruption scandals were unearthed.

    Disappointed members of the public remained curious over the silence of top government officials elected under the Jubilee party ticket.

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    President Uhuru Kenyatta trended on Friday as members of the public called for him to take action following the scandals that were exposed over the week.

    At the time of writing the article, the government had not issued a statement on the corruption cases that have been perceived as a national disaster.

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    Kenyans joined the rest of the continent in celebrating Africa Day in commemoration of the formation of the African Union (AU).

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