Children Born Through C-Section Likely to Face These Compilcations

A study has revealed that children born through cesarean section are likely to suffer from mental retardation and learning disabilities.

Around 97 mentally retarded children at Kenyatta National Hospital were examined and the findings indicated that a significant percentage of them were born through c-section.

According to the April issue of the Neurology Research International Journal, learning disabilities were also higher among children with single mothers.

"There was also more proportion of intellectual disability among children of single mothers compared to those children raised by both parents,” reads the report in part.

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The research was carried out by a team from the University of Nairobi School of Nursing Sciences.

However, no relationship was found between the women's age and severity of the mental disorders although there were more boys suffering from retardation.

The study, which was led by Mathieu Nemerimana, was investigating the non-genetic factors that could lead to mental retardation in children.

The team, however, said the findings were not conclusive and required more research.

A cesarean involves major surgery in your tummy and pelvic area, and complications and re-admissions into hospital afterward do sometimes happen.

According to Dr Rose Kiarie, serious complications are rare for a first cesarean section, particularly if it's planned, and you’re fit and healthy.

Sometimes, a cesarean birth is needed to save the life of a mother or baby, in which case it is without question the safest option.

If your labour has been induced and is still not progressing, you may also need to consider a c-section.

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