4 Strict Conditions DP William Ruto Set for President Uhuru Before Supporting Him

  • Nyeri Town legislator Ngunjiri Wambugu has pointed out some tough conditions Deputy President William Ruto set for President Uhuru Kenyatta before agreeing to support him in 2013.

    According to the lawmaker, Ruto made certain demands to President Kenyatta so that he could rally the Kalenjin community to support him for the Presidency.

    Firstly, Ruto asked President Kenyatta that the position of Deputy President is given to a Kalenjin and the Head of State agreed.

    The DP also asked that Kalenjins get certain positions in the Cabinet, a condition which was fulfilled by the President. His first Cabinet had four CSs from DP Ruto's community.

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta with DP William Ruto"][/caption]

    In his statement, the Nyeri Town Member of Parliament stated that the DP demanded Kalenjins to be appointed to parastatals and the President complied.

    Lastly, Ngunjiri who is a fierce critic of Ruto stated that the DP asked on behalf of the Kalenjin community to have a general say in how Uhuru’s Government would be run.

    "Based on this agreement, Ruto then went out and rallied the Kalenjins to support Uhuru Kenyatta. The rest is history. So let’s understand something. Ruto - & the Kalenjin - did not support Uhuru Kenyatta for nothing," the MP stated.

    Ngunjiri maintained that under the leadership of President Kenyatta, Kalenjins have been taken care off criticizing his 'Kikuyu colleagues' for mobilizing support for the DP in the Mt Kenya region without disclosing what they have been promised.

    "Now am asking - what have kina Ichungwa, Rigathi & Co asked Ruto for, in return for our Kikuyu votes that they are promising him? Has Ruto agreed? Is what they have been promised just for themselves - or also for us - ‘their’ people? This we need to know before we are all put in a basket and taken to Sugoi," Ngunjiri stated.

    "There are some who fear that these ‘our leaders’ are rallying our region behind Ruto for their own personal interests only. Which would be very selfish - and very sad. But am sure they will tell us," he added.

    [caption caption="Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu"][/caption]

    He maintained that President Uhuru directs them on how to negotiate for what the Kikuyus will get in the post-Uhuru government since he knows DP Ruto better and he can’t be bought.