Family in Trouble Over Ksh1 Billion KPC Tenders

  • An employee of the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC), his wife, nephew and nephew's wife have been implicated in a Ksh1 Billion tender fraud at the company.

    The four are under investigation after it emerged that they are behind the companies involved in the elaborate scheme.

    After a two-hour search at his residence, the man who is a welder was arrested and taken to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) offices at Integrity Centre along with some relatives where they were grilled as part of a larger investigation into how Sh95 Billion was allegedly lost at KPC.

    Aero Dispenser Valves Ltd, the company that supposedly bagged a Sh647 Million tender to supply 60 hydrant pit valves has its listed directors as Beryl Aluoch Khansinah, with 700 shares, and Francis Obure.

    Beryl is the wife of John Huba Waka, who is the KPC welder Francis Amina Juma’s nephew.

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    Ongoing invesitgations revealed that Aero Dispenser did not have the authority to supply hydrant pit valves.

    It was registered on May 3, 2013 and awarded the tender a year later.

    Sealing and Seals Ltd, which is also being investigated by EACC, has its listed directors as John Huba Waka with 100 shares, his wife Beryl Aluoch Khasinah with 500 shares and Ruth Auma with 400 shares.

    Another company, ThermoDynamics Ltd, is under investigation over composite sleeves worth Sh400 Million.

    Its listed directors are Kevin Gunputrav and Mariam Basaddiq, each with 50 shares and it was registered on May 25, 2018.
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