Court Quashes DPP's Application to Screen Suspects' Bail Money

  • Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji on Friday had his application before the Anti-Corruption Court dismissed in what has become his first loss in the prosecution of 47 National Youth Service (NYS) graft suit.

    The court dismissed the DPP's petition to have money used to bail out the suspects screened before the court receives it for their release.

    The DPP had wanted to secure orders to detain the suspects until the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) verified that the amounts used to secure their release was not part of the money suspected to be proceeds of corruption.

    Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi, who heard the DPP's application, recommended that the DPP launch an appeal suit to challenge the High Court Ruling that granted bail to the suspects.

    [caption caption="DPP Noordin Haji"][/caption]

    The DPP had also called on the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti to facilitate the investigations by ARA.

    The Magistrate acknowledged that the DPP's concerns were merited and ordered an alternative way to acquire the verification he needed.

    Suspects who had already posted the bail amount were ordered to present their sureties before the magistrate beginning Friday 2 p.m.

    The magistrate would allow questioning of the surety persons and verify their details as submitted to the court.

    Magistrate Mugambi also directed that the securities posted by Principal Secretary Lillian Mbogo Omollo be inspected first, however, none of the suspects had managed to fulfill all the requirements of the High Court by the time of the ruling.

    Meanwhile, some of the suspects in the scandal claimed that the amounts set by the court were too high for them considering that their accounts had been frozen by investigating authorities.

    [caption caption="Prison warder shows Lucy Ngirita to her seat during the June 20, 2018 pre-trial hearing of the NYS scandal suspects suit"][/caption]