Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Issues Alert on iTax Website

  • The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has issued an urgent alert on the iTax website with one day remaining to the June 30 deadline for filing tax returns.

    In a statement issued on all official channels, the taxman noted that increased traffic had resulted in system fluctuation on the platform.

    They, however, assured Kenyans that a technical team was working hard to ensure the site was functioning as expected.

    "KRA would like to bring to the attention of taxpayers, especially those filing their returns now that we are na system fluctuation.

    "This is due to the overwhelming number of people accessing iTax at the same time. Our technical team is working on this to restore normalcy and facilitate the taxpayers to file their 2017 returns," they wrote.

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    In typical Kenyan fashion, long queues have been witnessed at KRA offices as traffic to the iTax website also spiked.

    A spot check by in Nairobi revealed that cyber cafes were packed with Kenyans desperate to beat the Saturday deadline.

    KRA requires all citizens with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to file their returns, including those earning below the taxable amount by submitting a Nil return.

    Non-filers face a penalty of Sh20,000 or five percent of the tax due, whichever is higher and additional interest of 2 percent per month compounded.

    Here's an article by explaining how you can easily reset your iTax password if you don't remember it.

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