Maranda High School Closed Indefinitely

  • Siaya County Education Director Japheth Masimo ordered for the closure of Maranda High School following unrest by the students.

    Security in the school has been tightened after the students complained over 'poor diet and mismanagement.'

    Additional reports revealed the students had complained of strict boarding rules including the waking up time for their morning preps. 

    This is the fourth school to be closed this week after Kisumu Girls', Ng'iya Girls' and Chalbi Boys.

    [caption caption="One of the top schools in Kenya, Maranda High School"][/caption]

    Ng'iya Girls High School was closed indefinitely after students rioted to push for the removal of one of their teachers.

    Chalbi Boys High School in Maikona, Marsabit County, was closed following an attack on six non-local teachers by students on Tuesday morning. 

    Kisumu Girls High School was closed after students boycotted classes and damaged property, accusing the management of high-handedness and running down the institution.

    According to a teacher at Kisumu Girls, the students destroyed school property while chanting slogans against the new principal.

    They accused the new principal of high handedness after she did away the entertainment session which is usually on the weekends.

    [caption caption="Kisumu Girls High School"][/caption]

    Some teachers were injured in the fracas and the students were given an hour to vacate the school.