NYS Registering New Suppliers, Here is What You Need

  • The National Youth Service (NYS) has announced that it will be registering suppliers and services providers that will serve the agency for the next two years.

    In a message sent to the media, NYS which is at the centre of controversy due to the Ksh9 billion scandal indicated that even the existing suppliers will now be required to reapply afresh for them to be considered.

    The official notice calling out the registration of the new suppliers is set for publication in Wednesday’s daily newspapers.

    This latest announcement by NYS comes shortly after Public Service Cabinet Secretary (CS) Margaret Kobia cancelled all pending bills at the institution.

    [caption caption="Public Service CS Margaret Kobia at a past NYS event"][/caption]

    The bills amounting to Ksh5.6 billion was owed to suppliers who supplied the government agency goods and services between 2013 and 2017.

    As NYS opens doors for the fresh registration of suppliers, we compile here a list of some of the mandatory tendering documents that suppliers will need.

    It is, however, worth noting that each tender comes with a varying set of technical requirements which are documented on the specific tender application documents downloadable from the National Treasury website.

    Additionally, interested suppliers of goods and services should take notice of the July 29, 2018 application deadline.

    Here is a list of the mandatory qualification documents:

    Copy of Certificate of business registration

    A certificate of registration verifies the legal existence of a business and is offered by the Department of Immigration and Registration of Persons. Additionally, a copy of CR-12 is requested as proof of directorship for a limited company. For sole proprietorship and partnership, bidders are required to submit ID copies for a business company.

    Copy of VAT/Pin certificate

    A Pin Certificate is offered by the taxman, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the authority in charge of revenue collection and remittance.

    Copy of valid KRA Tax Compliance Certificate

    Tax compliance certificate is issued by KRA and is used to authenticate that the service provider has been filing their tax returns with the government in the past without fail. A tax compliance certificate is renewable annually in synchronization with the tax filing patterns.

    Duly completed, stamped and signed litigation history

    Provided in conjunction with Commissioner of Oaths, a litigation history explains the legal history of the supplier including but not limited to pending court cases

    Certificate of good conduct

    Issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the certificate is a declaration stating that the bidder is not involved in any fraudulent practices. There is likely to be greater emphasis on this requirement given the two mega scandals at NYS have involved fraudulent suppliers.

    Proof of experience

    The last item on the list is evidence that the tender applicant has experience in engaging in similar works. This may be substituted with a proof of the capacity supply and deliver similar goods, works and services.

    Most of the mandatory qualification documents listed above can be obtained through eCitizen, an umbrella website for all government services, or from Huduma Centres across the country.