Tharaka Nithi Deputy Governor Involved In Road Accident

  • Tharaka Nithi County Deputy Governor Francis Kagwima, his driver and bodyguard were on Tuesday night involvelved in an accident while driving home from work.

    The deputy governor's car hit a cow near Karurumo area along Ishiara-Kathwana road but Kagwima and his driver escaped unhurt from the incident.

    The front part of the car was badly damaged in the incident.

    [caption caption="The Deputy Governor's car after the accident "][/caption]

    In a communication after the incident, Kagwima said he had been confirmed to be fine, attributing the narrow escape to safety belts.

    “Today am thankful to God for keeping me safe after a grisly accident last night as l was heading back to the County. Thankfully no one was hurt. I have been cleared by my doctor am okay as well my driver and bodyguard.” stated Kagwima on Wednesday morning.

    Kagwima dismissed earlier claims linking the accident to an assassination attempt saying it was an an accident like any other.

    “There was nothing connected to politics in the accident since no one could have sent the cows to the road.” held Kagwima.

    The damaged car was towed to Runyenjes police station

    Kagwima has not been on good terms with governor Muthomi  Njuki in recent days.

    Governor Muthomi Njuki and Kagwima have had differences in the past few weeks and these played out further when the Tharaka County assembly passed the budget for this financial year.

    Kagwima had criticised the budget terming it as unfair to the area wards.

    A number of MCAs in the county are said to be pushing for Kagwima’s impeachment after he poked holes into the budget and demanded for a supplementary budget to sort the disparities.

    [caption caption="Tharaka Nithi Deputy Governor Francis Kagwima addressing a past function "][/caption]