Mounted Photos of Lulu Hassan, Kanze Dena, Mbusii Feature at State House Walkway

  • A photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta that was circulated on Wednesday revealed a group of rarely seen mounted photographs of himself with some celebrated journalists.

    The photos were seen hung on one of State House's walkways as the president escorted the outgoing German Ambassador to Kenya, Ms Jutta Frasch.

    In the first photo, the president was captured during his interview with Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan and newly appointed deputy State House spokesperson Kanze Dena.

    The second photo, which was not fully visible, was that of President Kenyatta with Radio Jambo presenter Mbusii De during a 2017 interview at State House.

    [caption caption="President Kenyatta escorts outgoing German Ambassador to Kenya Ms Jutta Frasch. On top left corner mounted photo of him with Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena. Top right, photo with presenter Mbusii Deh"][/caption]

    The two interviews helped the president propagate the image of an approachable presidency that is in touch with the common mwananchi.

    During his interview with the Mbusii na Lion Teke Teke presenter, the president was surprised to find out that a man of small stature as Mbusii had sired three children.

    "Yes, the president asked me if I had a family and I told him that I am a father of three. He was shocked to hear that. He looked at my tiny body and asked 'Na hii mwili ndogo hivi?' (With this small body?) before we both burst out laughing," Mbusii relayed to reporters following the interview.

    Kanze and Lulu, however, received flak following their 2016 interview with the president with viewers going as far as asking them to quit.

    Members of the public claimed that the two had been too lenient with the president and had not asked the right questions.

    Here are the two photos the president has hang on the State House wall.

    [caption caption="President Kenyatta during 2016 interview with Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena"][/caption]

    [caption caption="President Kenyatta with presenter Mbusii Deh during a 2017 interview at State House"][/caption]