Jaguar Breaks Leg After Police Confrontation

  • Starehe MP Charles Njagua Kanyi broke his leg on Wednesday after a confrontation with Nairobi County askaris.

    The MP had gone to Marikiti Market to protest alleged harassment by the city askaris.

    “More than 15 traders had been injured so I came in trying to convince the police officers to stop harass the traders,” the Starehe MP told

    [caption caption="A photo of MP Jaguar nursing a broken leg after traders were involved in running battles with police"][/caption]

    “As I was addressing the traders, the police threw teargas at us and that’s when I got injured as I was trying to run away from the teargas.

    “I did not even realize that I had broken my leg at the moment, I later noticed that my leg had swollen,” he continued

    The legislator was later taken to Karen Hospital and discharged after his foot was plastered.

    The MP also noted that orders by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko exempting Nairobians from toilet charges was a rushed decision.

    “No one is complaining about paying Ksh10 for toilet charges in Nairobi,” he noted.

    He proposed that youth groups should run the toilets contrary to Sonko’s suggestion of giving contracts to private firms.

    “I am for the idea of empowering the youth to manage the toilets in order to create more employment opportunities," he noted.

    He indicated that groups of about 50 youth had applied to manage the facilities and were still waiting for a response from the county government.

    [caption caption="Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in his city hall office"][/caption]