Gangsters Steal Ksh20 Million From Family Bank in Ruiru

  • A gang was reported to have broken into Family Bank, Ruiru branch and made way with Ksh20 million and 560 US Dollars unnoticed.

    Police in Ruiru constituency launched investigations after the bank's security manager John Muchiri informed them that on reporting to work, he found the bank's alarm tampered with and fire alarm vandalized.

    Ruiru OCPD James Ng’etich showed a police signal which read: “After opening the bank, Muchiri discovered that the alarm system had been tampered with and on further checking, he discovered that the fire alarm system had been vandalized and concluded that all was not well in the bank.”

    Police maintained that the gang was believed to have broken into the bank either on Saturday or Sunday night at an unknown time.

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    The burglars were reported to have destroyed the banks kitchen roof which its suspected to be the route they used to access other sections of the bank.

    The signal sent to police further read: “They managed to access the strong room to the safe by cutting the door using welding gas cylinder power and further accessed branch ATM machine using claw bars and the welding gas power.”

    A gas cylinder and four claw bars were recovered from the scene and police stated that they will be used as exhibits in court.

    The incident comes barely eight months after robbers who appeared to have borrowed a leaf from an American crime television series dug a 30-meter-long tunnel into a bank’s strongroom in Thika Town before getting away with more than Ksh50 million from KCB bank.

    The criminals dug the tunnel from inside a stall opposite the Thika divisional police headquarters, where they had been running a bookshop, through which they accessed the local Kenya Commercial Bank branch and stole the money.

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    When the bank realized that some cash was missing, the thieves had made away with Ksh52.6 million, 95 Australian dollars, 185 euros, 1,630 sterling pounds, 271,000 Tanzania shillings, 947,000 Uganda shillings, US$5,781, 40 South African rand and 5 Canadian dollars.