Police Spokesperson Charles Owino's Wife Was Killed In Hit and Run on Mombasa Road

  • When Police spokesperson Charles Owino was interviewed by journalists regarding the hit and run accident along Mombasa road that killed a Kenyatta University student, he revealed that he had a personal attachment to the case as he had lost his wife to a similar accident.

    Owino disclosed that his wife had suffered the same fate as Maureen Maureen Wambui Gachagua and the driver of the car that killed her was never found.

    So when Maureen's case came to Owino's attention he took it personally admitting that the police were not that interested in the case.

    The Police spokesperson explained; "I lost a wife at the same scene and we never got the driver who killed her so I'd be the last person to support what is wrong" (referring to allegations that police officers were actively involved in covering up for the prison warder who killed Maureen).

    Here is the video courtesy of NTV:


    The incident occurred back in 2013 when Linet Akinyi Luta who lived in South C estate at the time was crossing Mombasa highway at around 7 PM when she was hit by a speeding vehicle.

    "The mother of my children was knocked down by a speeding vehicle along Mombasa road on Sunday at about 7 PM but the motorists did not stop. It is being treated as a hit and run. People who saw the accident and knew her informed us of the accident," he stated at the time.

    She died instantly and witnesses were unable to get the vehicle's registration number making it difficult to track the vehicle.

    Akinyi was buried without having gotten justice as the perpetrator was never caught.

    In Maureen's case the driver Sergent Dismus Gitenge Motongwa of the Nairobi West Prison and who is said to have been drunk at the time hit the 22-year-old University student, drove on with the body on the roof of his car and later dumped the body at South C.

    The piece of evidence that led to him was his failed attempt to unscrew the number plate which was found where the body was.