Bungoma MCA Speaks on Marrying Cuban Doctor

  • A Bungoma Member of the County Assembly on Wednesday addressed rumors doing rounds on social media alleging he had married one of the Cuban doctors deployed in the country.

    Speaking on the issue on Wednesday the MCA Fredrick Musebe vehemently denied the allegations adding that he had a wife.

    The MCA asked those circulating the rumors to stop and respect his wife since such allegations were going to ruin his reputation.

    Musebe further denied having ever interacted with the Cuban doctors who were dispatched to different counties to help in the health sector in the country.

    [caption caption="Bungoma MCA Fredrick Musebe"][/caption]

    "The trending story that I have married a Cuban is not true! I have never even related to them. I am married and please have respect," the MCA wrote on his Facebook page.

    Reports circulating online claimed that the Bungoma MCA had married a Cuban doctor which made residents request the government to deploy more doctors to the area.

    The Cuban doctors are working in different counties as part of a deal signed between Kenya and the South American country which saw the deployment of 100 specialist medics.

    While receiving the medics at the JKIA when they arrived, Health ministry’s Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman stated the doctors will undergo training at the Kenya School of Government where they will be inducted into the local healthcare system.

    "The doctors will be trained on how our healthcare system works before being deployed to public health facilities across several counties," Dr Aman stated.

    [caption caption="Kenyan health CS Sicily Kariuki and Roberto Morales Ojeda, Cuban health minister after signing the agreement in Havana"][/caption]

    "The main idea in bringing these specialists is to learn from the Cuban experience in building a robust primary and curative health care system that has afforded the country universal health care," he added.

    As part of the bilateral agreement the government signed with Cuba, Kenya was to send 50 doctors there to learn the Cuban healthcare system which has been able to achieve universal health care.

    The team was to be comprised of one doctor from each of the 47 counties.