Governors to Hold The Kenya Diaspora Unity Conference in Texas, US

  • An upcoming summit at Holiday Inn Dallas - Texas, hosted by members of the Council of Governors (CoG) including Nairobi's Mike Sonko has ruffled a section of Kenyans.

    The meeting dubbed The Kenya Diaspora Unity Conference which will be hosted by a team led by the Chairman of CoG Josphat Nanok aims at several objectives including the role of National and County Governments in enhancing investor confidence.

    Although the meeting also aims at discussing the viable options that could be employed by the Kenya diaspora to foster unity both locally and abroad, a section of Kenyans feels that its a misplaced priority.

    [caption caption="The poster advertising the Kenya Diaspora Unity Conference"][/caption]

    In particular, Kenyans noted that there has been relative peace and tranquillity in the country, hence no urgent need to take the peace agenda to the diaspora at the taxpayer's expense.


    Kenyan taxpayers are coughing an estimated KES 66m for this trip.

    Can the diaspora tell us what's the point of sending money home if it's coming back to them anyway? If they allow these people into their meeting, let them not give us lessons on governance when they come home.

    — Dr Wandia (@wmnjoya) July 22, 2018

    Which diaspora are you talking about? Those are self-seeking fellows who are pursuing their own private agenda using public officials as their surrogates. First of all the title of that conference is lacking in thought & disgusting to say the least. What's this unity about?

    — Juma Elijah (@Tung_Jowi) July 22, 2018

    Hot on the heels of MPs and some Senators "representing" Kenyans at the just concluded World Cup.

    — Mwaurah T.H.I.N.K In (@mmwaurah) July 22, 2018

    It's just the other day they were in Russian,now meeting in Texas ,,what the hell will this meeting help Kenyan!!!!!

    — TheMaster (@geoffreymutun15) July 22, 2018

    How NOT to spend tax payers money. Fact : Stay at home , make and keep the economy working and everything else will fall in place. Then approach diaspora to invest back home. Unity conference like we've just come out of a genocide . Please treat Kenyans with some respect.

    — Mohammed Hersi (@mohammedhersi) July 22, 2018

    I knew we r in trouble when I saw gov. Laboso on tv lamenting bout Ojaamong's arrest.. thought women were sensible ones

    — mart (@mpkaranja) July 22, 2018

    And to make matters worse, so called “summit” is on a Monday, a working day! Curious whether Diaspora is funding the trip or the Kenyan mwananchi.

    — Mukurima X. Muriuki (@Mukurima) July 22, 2018

    These guys hv no respect for their employers I tell you. We shall send them all home. Kenyans are learning extremely fast. Only it might be too late.

    — Viktor (@VictorMwambacha) July 22, 2018

    When i read this i wondered if an Angel had informed the kenyan politicians that Jesus is coming before Dec 25th. Such foolishness can only be exhibited by guys whom know their end is coming.Divine intervention is required!! Can the people call 4 an election before 2022!!

    — Kiama Muturi (@KiamaKiharu) July 22, 2018

    But first, we need to revise the constitution (again, sigh), to eliminate the useless county govts; then fine tune the govt to make it leaner & more efficient & focused.
    We cannot afford All these govts; & All these politicians whose Only contribution is "technical appearances."

    — WaNduta (@WaNduta8) July 22, 2018

    True true. We need no.more than 9 gov... nai should not have one being Gov seat. What made us pass this type of constitution. Mostly rotten!!

    — Kiama Muturi (@KiamaKiharu) July 22, 2018

    Heri DCs by many light years. Hawa politicians ni bure kama wengine wote. Just fattening off our sweat.
    But then, when one consults garrulous quacks, the disease usually worsens, despite taking gallons of useless concoctions. The quacks deceive you that you look healthy.

    — WaNduta (@WaNduta8) July 22, 2018

    Who advises these people?

    — Edith Lumumba (@Miss_Lumumba) July 22, 2018

    Embarrassing and shameful.

    — Musyoka Musyimi (@muciokks) July 22, 2018

    One things for sure we Kenyans are being played they are all in one basket these guys look 

    — Rahma Swaleh (@RahmaTheRevert) July 22, 2018

    The tickets to the meeting which also aims at providing a forum for Kenyans in diaspora "to engage with their duty bearers on the promotion of peace and cohesion" are retailing at Ksh2,000 per person.

    The Summit which will also feature breakfast, lunch and dinner gala will also discuss how cultural and economic barriers are inhibiting the Kenyan development agenda.

    Among the governors set to attend the meeting is Anyang' Nyong'o (Kisumu), Francis Thuita Kimemia (Nyandarua), Charity Kaluki Ngilu (Kitui), and Joseph Ole Lenku (Kajiado).

    Besides, Joyce Cherono Laboso (Bomet), Martin Nyaga Wambora (Embu), Ferdinand Ndungu Waititu (Kiambu), Stephen Sang (Nandi) and John Kinyua Nderitu (Laikipia Senator) are set to grace the occasion.

    There have been concerns over unnecessary expenditure by different leaders including the recent trip by MPs to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

    [caption caption="The poster advertising the Kenya Diaspora Unity Conference"][/caption]

    However, the leadership of the national assembly defended the trip to Moscow calling it "a benchmarking opportunity on how to host an international event".

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