Nairobi Senator Opposes Demolition of Market Structures

  • The demolition of roadside market structures by the Nairobi County government is brewing a disagreement between Governor Mike Sonko and the City Senator Johnson Sakaja.

    Speaking in Nairobi during the weekend, the Senator condemned the county administration for demolishing illegal business structures in Buru Buru and Mutindwa market.

    He appealed to Governor Mike Sonko not to displace roadside traders before finding them a new place where they can sell their merchandise.

    [caption caption="A bulldozer pulls down structures in Mutindwa market(PHOTO/Courtesy) "][/caption]

    “I know our people are crying over the demolitions. I am appealing to the Governor to remember this is where he has also come from. These people are only trying to make ends meet. Demolition is not the way to go,” stated Sakaja.

    He stated that a number of traders whose stalls had been pulled down were now hopeless given it is only trading that had pulled away many from engaging in crime.

    Nairobi county officials on Thursday descended on Buru Buru shopping centre with a bulldozer and demolished illegal structures on the roadside.

    The officers demolished structures such as makeshift hotels, pubs, grocery stalls and car wash areas.

    Some of the business people claimed that the county officials gave them time to remove their goods before the bulldozer could pull down their structures, while others stated that they knew there was going to be demolitions but they did not anticipate it to be that soon.

    [caption caption="Part of the demolished Mutindwa market stalls (PHOTO/Courtesy)"][/caption]