Billy Miya and Mbaruk Mwalimu Replace Alex Mwakideu on Radio Maisha Breakfast Show

The Standard Media Group has replaced popular radio presenter Alex Mwakideu who quit Radio Maisha after working there for eight years. 

The media guru has been succeeded by Mbaruk Mwalimu and Billy Miya

Prior to joining the Radio Maisha team, the duo was working for Baraka FM in Mombasa.

Ndani ya @radiomaisha kwa Mpigo zaidi #Radiozaidiyaradio #tukombelepamoja #BillyNaMbaruk @mbaruk_ @irenebarungi

— Billy Miya (@BillyMiya) July 23, 2018

The breakfast show, Maisha Asubuhi, is reported to be among the most listened to radio programmes in the country following the reputation built over the years by Captain Mwakideu. 

Mwakideu is stated to join Mediamax-owned Milele FM according to credicle sources.

Upon joining the station, Mbaruk expressed his excitement on social media exclaiming the greatness of his 'new home'.

His co-presenter Billy also conveyed his enthusiasm after joining the Maisha stating: “Tulisembeze pamoja ndani ya Radio Maisha 102.7 mpaka kieleweke."

The two, who made their debut at the breakfast show on Monday from 6 am to 10 am, have received applauds from fans who commended the apparent 'good vibes' between them. 

Complementing their first show, Kenyans took to social media to acclaim their good presenting affirming them of their (fans) support. 

One netizen, Kipyegon Emmanuel asserted: "Popote mtaenda niko nanyi Sako kwa bako (Wherever you will go, I will always be with you) @mbaruk_ @BillyMiya @radiomaisha."

"#BillyNaMbaruk karibu Sana kwenye team maisha, ruaka iko tuned (BillyNaMbaruk, welcome to team Maisha, we are tuned to the show)," yet another fan noted.

"The show was lit in the morning. Hope tomorrow it will be on fire!!!" stated one Omondi who jokingly urged the duo to always start the show with prayers adding, "I like the new duo in the building."

[caption caption="Mbaruk Mwalimu at Radio Maisha studios"][/caption]

[caption caption="Billy Miya at Radio Maisha studios"][/caption]