BBC Documentary Exposes Dangerous Rehab Centres in Nairobi

  • A new investigative documentary by the BBC has exposed shocking practices undertaken in several rehabilitation centres in Nairobi's Eastleigh estate.

    The production titled Rehab Nightmare: Drugs, Chains and Canes by reporter Jamal Osman featured footage of supposed patients being tortured, whipped and forced to drink a toxic liquid known as harmala.

    In addition, it was alleged that in several instances, the centres are used by malicious individuals to imprison people they fall out with, among them women.

    Many of those admitted, it emerged, are still held and tortured even if drug tests upon arrival confirm they are not addicts.

    Parents from foreign countries also ship in their children to the centres to receive what they consider a form of religious healing.

    [caption caption="A street in Eastleigh, Nairobi"][/caption]

    Once in the centres, those supposed to be treated are severely beaten by officials and fellow prisoners who are offered rewards for fiercely attacking their counterparts.

    A former employee of one of the facilities went undercover as part of the investigation, exposing further shocking details.

    Ben Njenga, an addiction counsellor, disclosed that owners were not interested in reforming their practices despite numerous recommendations.

    He further stated that despite reporting to agencies such as the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) and the police, the government agencies took no action.

    "Individuals from NACADA have come to the centre and we have explained in detail what happens, and then they go. Reports to the police have been made.

    "Nothing has been done, they just turn a blind eye," he noted.

    It was further claimed that police collude with individuals to pick up people who are taken to the facilities where they are held for months.

    Also tortured are mentally ill patients whose families have left them at the centres.

    Here is the video courtesy of BBC: