Manoah Esipisu Explains Why Uhuru Once Unfollowed DP William Ruto on Twitter

  • Former State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu on Thursday appeared before a parliamentary committee for vetting for the position of Kenya's Ambassador to the UK.

    During the session, South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro questioned him on what circumstances led to the president's Twitter account unfollowing Deputy President William Ruto earlier in May.

    "Manoah was in-charge of the President's communication team. We saw the President's Twitter account unfollowing the deputy president. Was it an act of carelessness?" he questioned.

    Manoah attributed the act to a fault of the president's communication team stating, "That was a mistake that occurred, and both the President and deputy were explained to."

    Osoro also sought answers on the former Spokesman's net worth posing, "Manoah tells us he's worth Kshs 100 Million. Yet the only pro-bono he has done is to give a talk at Kenyatta University. This tells a lot about him as a person."

    [caption caption="South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro during the vetting session on 8/2/2018"][/caption]

    Esipisu clarified that the Kshs100 million was in form of assets as very few people had that amount of money in their accounts. 

    "I have done lots of community service without saying a lot about it. No trumpet is worth blowing for community service done," he declared.

    The former State House spokesperson further explained that his priority was his engagement with the diaspora.

    "Kenyans in the diaspora are my primary responsibility. I will appeal to Kenyans to register so that in case there's an issue, it can be resolved. I will reach out to all Kenyans in Britain," he told the legislators.

    Before the changes to the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU), there was an incident where the Head of State's official Twitter account briefly unfollowed the DP's account, sparking rumours of a fallout.

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