The Day DP Ruto Shed Tears Over MP Ole Sankok's Story

  • Many have questioned the source of the wealth behind his endless charitable acts over the years.

    Deputy President William Ruto has been praised and vilified by the political class for his open-handedness with millions of shillings being part of his donations.

    Unknown to many, the generosity had earned the DP an 18-year-long relationship with nominated MP David Ole Sankok.

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    The two first met on May 1, 2000, when the DP was serving as the assistant minister in the office of the President and doubling up as an official of KANU.

    At the time, Sankok was languishing in real poverty, added to a deformed limb.

    “I crawled for two years because my family couldn't afford Crutches and a caliper worth Kshs175, the crawling led to deformity on my already paralyzed leg,” recalled the MP.

    At the age of 12, Sankok received an injection that plunged into being part of the people he is representing in parliament today, the differently abled.

    “I gave him (DP Ruto) my story of struggling and overcoming all odds after becoming disabled through a doctor's injection at the age of 12 years.

    “I told him how a missionary from AIC Siyabei Referred me to AIC Cure International Hospital where a corrective surgery performed on me. This facilitated my ability to walk upright even though I needed Crutches and caliper,” narrates Sankok.

    He opened up about the how his community took persons with disability as a curse and had birth attendants instructed to kill babies with deformities.

    He poured it out all to Ruto, including how beautiful girls could admire him but abandoned the feeling immediately when they noticed he had the disability.

    Touched by the story, Sankok remembers seeing the DP crying. He could not hold his tears listening to a visionary young man from a poor family.

    “He was so touched and in tears, he told me "you will never crawl again even if I have to hire a helicopter to bring you crutches, I will hold your hand my friend," recalled Sankok.

    According to the MP, it is this moment that changed his life.

    Sankok praises the DP for having held his hand and honours him as a great friend and a leader adding that he would always walk with Ruto.

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