South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro Was Once a Street Boy

South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro life story is one from grass to grace as he overcame challenges in his early years to become a Member of Parliament.

In the chaos that bedeviled his childhood, the legislator once lived on the streets for several months following the death of his parents when he was 10.

Osoro admits that he and his five siblings grew up separately as they were taken care of by separate family members.

“I ran away from my uncle’s house to the streets of Nairobi so that I could look for food. I stayed in the streets for five months, sleeping on pavements, before one of my uncle’s neighbors found me and took me back home when my uncle was still in jail,” Osoro was quoted saying by the Standard.

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The MP who is also the CEO of Pitchface Marketing Division explained that another uncle took him in and enrolled him to Chemasingi Primary School. I addition to being in school, Osoro took up a job as a tea picker earning up to Sh70 a day during school holidays and weekend.

He nevertheless sat for his KCPE and performed really well, “I scored 406 marks out of a possible 500 and was the top student in our division. I was admitted at Kapsabet Boys High School. But my uncle was unwilling to pay my fees at the instigation of my aunt."

He got accepted to Kapsabet High School but he couldn't raise the fees and had to drop out after one year in the institution.

Luckily, he got a scholarship at Hill Secondary School where he was able to sit for his KCSE.

However, another hurdle came when it was time to join University and with no financial ability to cater for the tuition.

He embarked on various activities such as hawking, vending newspapers and taking Certified Public Accountant (CPA) classes at Strathmore College.

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"In 2008 I got lucky and secured a sales job with Places and Faces (PF), which dealt with fast moving consumer goods mainly from Europe. After training, I was sent out to sell the products from door to door or on the streets. I would leave my house at 3 AM to walk to Westlands to pick the goods and one day I was accosted by thieves who hurt me badly and took away all the money I had. 

"Despite the challenges, I loved the job and there was potential to make good money. My efforts paid off when in 2009 I was promoted to the position of manager in charge of the Nyeri branch. Unfortunately, the company faced problems and was closed down. Having gained valuable experience from PF, I registered my company which continues to positively impact many young people," he told the publication.

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