Chilling Tales of Extra-judicial Killings by Former Senior Director of Investigations

  • Chilling tales have emerged linking a retired member of the Kenya Police Service to a series of forced disappearances and extra-judicial killings of at least 14 people.

    According to a report by The Star, the former senior police officer in Nakuru is accused of personally arresting and strangling his victims to death.

    The suspect, formerly a senior director of investigations, is said to have singled out his victims who are linked to a land row pitying a group of squatters against faceless investors claiming ownership of the land in Pipeline Estate, Nakuru.

    [caption caption="The burial ceremony for Daniel Ikenye, Paul Ndirangu and Mwai Ndirangu on February 10, 2017, in Sachang’wan, Molo"][/caption]

    The man also reportedly headed a police hit squad which under his command is suspected to be responsible for the execution of about 20 people.

    "We have completed the investigations and I can tell you for sure that he will have his day in court," DCI director George Kinoti is quoted by the publication.

    Following numerous cases of forced disappearances and mysterious murders, detectives from the homicide unit at the DCI launched investigations in December 2017.

    DCI director Kinoti indicated that once apprehended, the former crimebuster will be charged with 14 counts of murder including that of the two brothers and their cousin.

    The three Daniel Ikenye (22) Mwai Ndirangu (31) and Paul Ndirangu (26) were discovered by Thika police murdered and dumped in Kamae Forest on February 8, 2017, after going missing from their home in Njoro on January 18, 2017.

    The siblings and their cousin were kidnapped, forced into a car, and their phones switched off only for their father Manase Ng'ang'a to receive a call from a man who identified himself as a member of Mungiki demanding a Ksh500,000 ransom.

    Ng'ang'a recounted the onset of a dispute that would leave his two sons and nephew dead: "In 2014, I had a dispute with a stranger who invaded my 50metres by 100metres plot in Njoro. I reported the matter to the Nakuru CID office after my plot was sold without my knowledge".

    [caption caption="DCI director George Kinoti"][/caption]

    "They were not shot as there was no bullet in their bodies. They were asphyxiated with a plastic bag. Their hands and legs were tied. Their heads were bludgeoned and their eyes were gouged out. Acid was poured on their bodies to obliterate them," he narrated of the chilling deaths of his children.

    A boda-boda operator, who is under the Witness Protection Program, testified how he was hired by the police officers to take them to a house in Pipeline, Nakuru.

    According to the witness, the ex-cop shot dead a man during the mission where he was paid Ksh1,000 per trip to transport the killer cops.

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