Citizen TV Journalist Involved in Accident Around CBD

  • A Citizen TV journalist was involved in an accident on Tuesday morning.

    Kimani Mbugua who hosts the traffic segment during the breakfast show on Citizen TV was with his crew when a matatu driver reversed and hit their vehicle.

    Speaking to, Kimani noted that their driver did hoot but the Matatu driver did not hear which led to the accident.

    "I was about to go live for the traffic segment along Moi avenue when the matatu driver reversed and hit us. Luckily no one was injured but I sustained minor injuries on my leg," Kimani stated.

    [caption caption="Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua"][/caption]

    The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) termed the rise in the number of road accidents in Kenya as a source of concern both locally and worldwide.

    Passengers constitute the highest number of fatalities on Kenyan roads and their deaths can be attributed to the higher representation of passengers carried by vehicles as compared to drivers.

    Their deaths constitute 22% of all fatalities on Kenyan roads and the NTSA attributed this to the failure to use safety belts, and poor design of buses.

    Additionally, the country's lack of a strong tradition of building passenger compartments for public transport vehicles that can withstand accidents and loose top of many buses which flatten whenever they roll or rest on their tops was attributed to the high number of deaths.

    Drivers constituted 12% of all fatalities on Kenyan roads and their deaths may occur under several circumstances.

    [caption caption="A matatu which was involved in an accident along Lang'ata road"][/caption]

    One of them is when there is a head-on collision where two moving cars collide when coming from opposing directions and these accidents tend to be serious because of the resulting speed of collision coupled with factors like failure to wear seat belts.