Americans React to President Uhuru's Meeting With Donald Trump

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta and Donald Trump on Monday
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday met his US counterpart Donald Trump at the White House in Washington DC and invited the US to increase its trade and investments in Africa.

    Speaking during a bilateral meeting held at the Cabinet Office in the White House, President Kenyatta and Trump also agreed to bolster the Kenya-US partnership in peace and security especially in the Horn of Africa region.

    "Melania and I were honored to welcome the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta to the White House today," Trump tweeted on Monday.

    As historic as the visit was, Americans were less than thrilled about the meeting, choosing to troll Trump on his previous statements about African countries. 

    "And to think the Republic of Kenya is amongst your husband’s list of “sh***ole” countries," noted one American.

    "Did you ask her about Obama‘s birth certificate like you did in other interviews?" another chided.

    One netizen added: "The word honour is not in your vocabulary. Who really wrote this? You and any honour do not belong in the same sentence - unless spoken like this. Mueller ...”It was an honour to indict Donald, the world’s biggest crime boss.”

    Others were more observant of the President's body language during the meeting.

    "Yes, we saw the clip of you sitting next to Uhuru with an ugly look on your face refusing to acknowledge that the late Senator John McCain was a great man, while your wife sat there and grinned. Way to show yet another foreign dignitary what an unfit, disrespectful cad you are," one user lashed out.

    Another alluded to Trump's extramarital affairs stating: "Does the Kenyan President also keep a couple of mistresses? Does she know about them? If so, why does she stay with a guy like that?"