China Accused of Bribing Government Officials for Tenders

  • The Chinese Government has been accused of giving between 10 to 30 percent of the worth of the contracts in kickbacks to Kenyan government officials that have influence in the allocation of tenders.

    According to renowned lawyer Ahmednasir  Abdullahi, Chinese companies looking for tenders in African countries lure powerful individuals into favouring them. 

    "Let us get one thing clear on the Chinese loans and why African politicians are madly in love. Due to legislation, American and EU companies cannot bribe or give 10% kickbacks when tenders are awarded. Chinese companies who are state-owned give 10 to 30% bribe once the tender is awarded," Lawyer Ahmednasir alleged on Twitter.

    Commenting on the matter during a debate on KTN News, another city lawyer Ambrose Weda stated these companies just exploit the corrupt culture of Kenyans.

    It is ironic, that while they allegedly give kickbacks, corruption in China attracts very punitive repercussions.

    China benefits through access to a guaranteed market of millions of Kenyans. This has secured jobs for its large population who manufacture a wide range of products that we have developed an appetite for.

    The crafty trade agreements signed between both governments have encouraged the importation of these products from their overseas factories at the expense of local industries.

    After Uhuru's recent trip to China, money owed to the Asian giant passed the Sh1 Trillion mark– making us their third largest borrower in Africa.

    This could increase by more than Sh200 billion if President Xi JinPing grants the National Treasury the funds required to complete the second phase of SGR from Naivasha to Kisumu.

    They have maintained that their engagement with Kenya has no political strings attached.

    Despite the huge revenue the Chinese government collects from Kenya's loans, they barely give donations as USA remains the biggest donor to Kenya.