Protests in San Francisco Over General Electric Investment in Lamu Coal Plant

  • Protesters in San Francisco, US on Thursday came out to oppose General Electric’s massive investment in the Lamu Coal Power Plant.

    They stood outside the venue of a major climate change summit chanting and waving placards inscribed with various messages questioning GE’s involvement in the project.

    In May, GE agreed to purchase stake worth Sh40 billion in Amu Power, the Centum Investment-Gulf Energy consortium behind the project.

    Other than managing the plant, GE was to provide new steam turbines and boilers for the plant

    The company was, however, asked to reconsider their decision by 56 institutional and individual investors with $713 billion (Sh71.3 trillion) in assets under management.

    The investors explained that the deal would not be in line with the company's stated support of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

    They further noted that the plant would release toxic pollution into the air and leave behind ash capable of contaminating groundwater supplies.

    Environmental activists in Kenya and beyond have vehemently protested the project since it was announced, maintaining that it would have an irreparable negative impact.

    Lamu is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the plant could also affect the livelihoods of  fishermen in the area.

    Residents and experts called for investors to instead put in place clean, renewable energy solutions.