Bizarre Accident as Van Falls Off Overpass in Nairobi

  • A bizarre Sunday morning accident involving two vans at Museum Hill, Nairobi claimed several casualties.

    The grisly accident which occurred along Waiyaki Way at the exit to Prof Wangari Maathai road previously know as Forest Road caused a huge traffic snarl up.

    Sources indicate that the private van hit a guard rail and fell off the overpass ramming into a matatu.

    Passengers were reportedly trapped in the wreckage but emergency response teams were at the scene helping in evacuation.

    The number of casualties was yet to be confirmed at the time of this publication.

    According to statistics by National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), fatalities as a result road crashes has slightly increased by 6.4 per cent this year compared to last year.

    The latest survey results show a total of 1,977 people had lost their lives as a result of crash as up to August 27, 2018 compared to 1,858 who died by the same date in 2017.

    Pedestrians remain the vulnerable group of road users with 752 of them having died as a result of injuries sustained due the accidents.

    The transport body blamed the this on inadequate footbridges and crossing points and failure to observe traffic rules.

    Increased retraining and sensitization of drivers on road safety measures by NTSA staff has seen the fatalities of drivers drop from 207 in 2017 to 200 in 2018.

    Boda boda riders were put on the spot for causing crashes and ignoring traffic rules and involvement in crime-related activities.

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