Winners of Employer of the Year Awards 2018

  • British American Tobacco, Safaricom, and Kengen have emerged as the best overall in the Employer Of The Year Awards 2018.

    The Awards ceremony is an initiative by the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) and was held on Friday  21st September at Radisson Blue Hotel.

    This annual award provides a platform for identifying, ranking and recognizing excellence in corporate performance, people management, and industrial relations among employers in Kenya.

    Below are all the winners in different categories.


    BAT (Winner)

    Safaricom (1st Runners-Up)

    Kengen (2nd Runners-Up)

    Leadership and governance: This category was ranked on the basis of elaborate board members, succession plans and a secure online portal for sharing board papers.

    Centum (Winner)

    Kengen (1st Runners-Up)

    Bamburi Cement (2nd Runners-Up)

    Corporate performance: Ranked on the basis of being agile, sharply focused on business goals, monitoring key performance indicators, employees identifying with the overall business objectives and anticipating the future of the business accurately, which ensures sustainability.

    Safaricom (Winner)

    University of Nairobi (1st Runners-Up)

    Centum (2nd Runners-Up)

    Innovation and Productivity: These are companies where innovation is part of the culture. They have detailed and well thought out ideation processes whereby a committee sieves through the ideas and all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation to development, to actualization.

    Safaricom (Winner)

    UoN (1st Runners-Up)

    Kengen (2nd Runners-Up)

    Responsible Business Conduct: Ranked on the basis of CSR as part of the business strategy, dedicated employees working on CSR and assessing the impact of the organisation’s CSR activities

    Kengen (Winner)

    Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (1st Runners-Up)

    Oserian development company limited (2nd Runners-Up)

    Diversity and Inclusivity: Inclusiveness and diversity are becoming a function of human resource management to the extent of having a dedicated department. The category was ranked on the basis of the facilities provided to cater for the disadvantaged people in the workplace.

    LVCT Health (Winner)

    Oserian Development Company Limited (1st Runners-Up)

    Safaricom (2nd Runners-Up)

    Workplace Environment: These companies have minimal incidents that occur in the workplace and minimal time lost when they occur.

    BAT (Winner)

    Centum (1st Runners-Up)

    Safaricom (2nd Runners-Up)

    Learning and Development: What stood out in these companies was a learning hub which includes an E-learning portal developed locally. A robust career development process that is automated, targeted training and development for all employees through on the job and off the job training.


    Capital Markets Authority (1st Runners-Up)

    BAT (2nd Runners-Up)

    Effective Human Resource Practice And Industrial Relations: Workplace wellness and well-being programs become critical employee benefits for attracting top talent. These are companies with highly engaged employees and sound HR practices in place.

    BAT (Winners)

    Eco Bank (1st Runners-Up)

    Safaricom (2nd Runners-Up)