Victoria Rubadiri Opens Up on Working With Jeff Koinange

  • Many people questioned the pairing of Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange for the weekend prime time news on Citizen TV.

    Fans and viewers were not sure whether it was a hit or a miss for Royal Media Services after poaching Ms Rubadiri from NTV and assigning her to Sunday Live alongside Jeff.

    In an interview with journalist Yvonne Aoll for SDE, Rubadiri opened up about her new work environment, laying bare her feelings about being with Jeff on the newsdesk on Sundays.

    While conceding that she misses her former colleagues at NTV, Rubadiri is joyous about working with Jeff Koinange on the screens.

    "I worked with such talented individuals at NTV. We were such a great team and did even greater work, they were like family to me, I miss them, a lot. But seasons change, and sometimes we have to move on to other things. We had a great run though," she admitted in the interview.

    To her career, Jeff has been a role model and feels honoured to have been granted an opportunity to pair up with the seasoned journalist.

    "He (Jeff Koinange) has incredible journalistic skills. His work has spoken for itself over the years, so for me to be able to now work with him is just so surreal. I couldn’t respect him any more," appreciated Ms Rubadiri.

    The news anchor further dwelt on her love life. She is still single and hopes to find the ideal man, a good-hearted person.

    She revealed that as a single mother, her career had fully occupied her life and that she is keen on appreciating and embracing all that comes with her new role at Citizen TV.

    She is in charge of features relating to women and gender affairs away from the prime news.

    She considers: "Even though I’m appreciative of my career and everything it has to offer, I’m not saying that dating is completely out. I would eventually love to settle down and have someone to walk this life journey with, but that’s not the major goal for me right now."

    Rubadiri prioritizes her Christian life and believes a God-fearing man, one "with a relationship with God," would make a good match.

    "I’d want a fully-formed man, in that, he knows what he wants out of life, he may not be there yet, but he knows where he is, and where he’s going. I prefer men who are self-driven, supportive, and, having a sense of humour helps too," says Rubadiri.