Esther Passaris Opposes Calls for Referendum

  • Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris poured cold water on the ongoing debate on constitutional reforms saying a referendum was not necessary for the country.

    Passaris, in an interview with the media, stated that it was needless for the country to conduct another poll after emerging from two costly elections in 2017.

    She termed debate on whether elective posts should be scaled down as misplaced holding that the country had reliable structures.

    "For me, whether they want to scrap the woman representatives' position or not, it is important to note that last year, this country had two elections which we could not afford. If we have money we should not throw it into a referendum," stated Passaris, appearing perplexed by the ongoing debate.

    The ODM legislator appealed for leaders to shun the push for constitutional amendments saying resources should instead be channeled towards empowering and investing for the youth so as to enrich the country.

    "Kenyans can hardly afford to eat, they cannot even come out to vote. A referendum for what! We can't afford it. You don't need a referendum to bring unity. We don't have one yet but Raila is already working with President Uhuru," posited the woman representative.

    She criticized the traction gained by the push spearheaded by the ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga, who has stated that a referendum is inevitable.

    "Let us enrich this country before we can justify why we need a referendum. What is important is that we need to pay farmers and talk about issues like food security, but how can you achieve these when our agriculture is collapsing?

    "After the handshake deal between Raila and Uhuru, the concern is what they are doing about the more than 40 million Kenyans who are now saying we have peace and poverty but not prosperity," stated Passaris, dismissing 2022 politics.

    She observed that the country's state is like that of a patient at the Intensive Care Unit, and as such, politicking about 2022 was premature and unnecessary.

    Below is a video of Passaris giving her views on the calls for a refferendum.