MPs Shocked by Report on Doctor Who Plucked Out Patient's Eyes

  • The National Assembly Health Committee on Thursday investigated a report submitted by the Ophthalmological Society of Kenya (OSK) over one of the eye doctors practising in Nairobi.

    The report accused Dr Samira Soni of involvement in an alarming number of surgical mishaps.

    In one instance, Dr Soni is reported to have plucked out a patient's eyes without authorization.

    The incident took place at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) though details of the assessment Dr Soni conducted to inform her decision remained undisclosed.

    Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board Chairman George Magoha expressed shock at the report during his testimony before the committee on Thursday.

    "I was shocked by the details contained in the report as chair of the Board. 

    "Had we gotten such information earlier we could have taken action," Prof. Magoha stated in his testimony.

    The KMPDB chair had earlier defended Dr Soni explaining that she was properly registered to practice in Kenya.

    He had cited her Masters in Opthalmology from the University of Nairobi which she acquired in 2004.

    The committee is expected to determine whether Dr Soni's private practice in Westlands will continue to operate.