Inside the Ghetto Classics Program and Its Impact on Kenyan Youth

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  • For ages, music has been an intriguing form of human existence which ignites and shapes our intellectual, social and emotional facets.

    However, the immense transformative power of music is best epitomized by Ghetto Classics, a community project that has been changing lives in Korogocho Slums, Nairobi.

    It all began in 2008 when Fr John Webootsa asked Elizabeth Njoroge to teach music at St. John’s  Catholic Church in Korogocho in what evolved to be the Art of Music Foundation.

    The participating children from the underprivileged parts of Nairobi saw a brighter ray of hope that ushered a world of possibilities.

    Image of a student from Ghetto Classics

    From performing for President Uhuru Kenyatta and Pope Francis to getting lessons from international musicians like Branford Marsalis, Kirk Whalum and Salif Keïta - the impact of Ghetto Classics on their lives has been phenomenal.

    For over five years now, 3,000 children have benefited through the Ghetto Classics Outreach programme in Korogocho which focuses on 10 satellite areas around Nairobi, Kiambu and Mombasa.

    The programme has had a unique approach that uses music education to provide the youth with opportunities to better themselves and their communities.

    By equipping the youngsters with skills in live music performance, Ghetto Classics has had a major impact as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty that many of them are born into.

    Image of Ghetto Classics beneficiaries

    On Thursday, October 18, 2018, this great achievement will be in full display at Uhuru Gardens, Langata.

    It will be the Safaricom Jazz Lounge which is the hallmark of this great course.

    Dianne Reeves (USA), one of the world's most accomplished Jazz singers will be gracing the occasion this time around alongside other celebrated musicians including Double Cut (Italy), Peter Martin, Romera Lubambo, Reginald Veal, Kato Change (Kenya) and Terreon Gully.

    With the event tickets going for only Ksh2,000 and Ksh500 (students), it will be a perfect way to spend a Thursday evening from 6 PM till midnight.

    Tickets to this worthy cause are retailing at select Safaricom Shops, Michael Joseph Centre and m-ticketing (dialling 1511).

    Soothing Jazz tunes under the bright Nairobi night sky? Certainly, a swanky way to witness and support something greater than life.