Edwin Sifuna Mocks DP Ruto Over Obsession With Roads & Electricity

  • ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna Twitter
  • ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna has mocked Deputy President William Ruto over his obsession with roads and electricity projects.

    In a video shared on Twitter, Sifuna taunted the DP indicating that he is only interested in hardware (infrastructure development) and not the software (the social-economic debate).

    In an indirect attack, Sifuna stated, "Tunajua kuna watu Kenya hii hawawezi keti kuongea kuhusu software ya hii country (We know some people in this country who can't sit and deliberate on social issues)."

    Deputy President William Ruto

    According to the ODM boss, Ruto's interest in the infrastructure projects is allegedly due to the kickbacks offered.

    "Akijenga barabara, kuna commission 10%, akienda stima 10% (For every road or electricity project, he gets a 10% commission)," Sifuna claimed.

    "Lakini tukiongea kuhusu kumaliza ukabila na ufisadi Kenya hii, hakuna commission (But when we deliberate about eradicating corruption and tribalism, there is no monetary gain that one gets)," he added.

    The DP has in the past indicated that his hands are fully engaged with development hence he should not be dragged into the debate about the referendum.

    "I am not available for the referendum. I am busy consolidating the legacy of the president and the realisation of the Jubilee manifesto," DP Ruto noted.

    Deputy President William Ruto

    Alluding to the incidence, Sifuna quipped, "Ndiyo unaskia akisema nyinyi fanyeni hiyo mimi nifanye hii (That is why he is choosing to stick to the infrastructure projects and not the referendum debate)."

    Here is the  video:

    Tunawajua sana...hawa wa hardware. pic.twitter.com/gD0a0gBe7n

    — Edwin Sifuna (@edwinsifuna) October 22, 2018