President Salva Kiir Speaks on Monica Kimani's Murder

  • South Sudan President Salva Kiir on Wednesday addressed the brutal murder of Monica Kimani who was based in Juba.

    Speaking on Jeff Koinange Live during an interview, President Kiir stated that he was sorry to learn of Monica's murder but he had never met or heard of her before.

    Salva Kiir noted, "I'm very sorry for the young lady (Monica Kimani) who lost her life. It was my first time to hear that there was such a personality in South Sudan.,"

    The South Sudan President added, "I never knew her; I never knew of her presence in South Sudan and I do not know who the culprits are."

    He also addressed rumours that one of his top generals was linked to Monica after it emerged that the slain businesswoman was carrying a lot of money in foreign currency when she landed from Juba.

    "The people who are accused of laundering money with her (Monica Kimani) may be in Juba but it may not be South Sudanese who are laundering the money," President Kiir stated.

    Monica’s father Paul Ngarama addressed the allegations about his daughter's relationship with South Sudanese general Daniel Awet Akot moments after they emerged.

    Bishop Ngarama had refuted allegations that Monica was married to Mr Akot but admitted that the politician was “very close” to the family.

    Close relatives and friends had claimed that the deceased was in a relationship with the politician, and it is through this connection that the family’s fortunes improved over the past three years.

    Her friends in Juba believed that Monica may have travelled to Kenya on Wednesday 19 with a large amount of money because Kenyan banks operating in Juba usually take time to clear each transaction.

    An unnamed person also claimed that despite tough laws restricting the movement of money, Mr Akot allegedly used his influence to facilitate her travel.