Jacque Maribe Freed as Jowie is Sent Back to Prison

  • Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe was freed on bail in the murder case of Monica Kimani.

    Reading his ruling on Tuesday, Justice James Wakiaga freed Maribe on a cash bail of Ksh1million with three sureties of similar amount or alternatively to deposit a bond of Ksh2million with a surety of similar amount.

    He ruled that the prosecution did not prove that the journalist is a flight risk or is likely to abscond court appearance.

    However, her fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was denied bail and directed to remain in prison.

    “The first accused is a male version of a slay queen. I would describe him as a woman eater..” Justice James Wakiaga stated while denying Jowie bail.

    Justice Wakiaga ruled that Jowie would remain in custody while on trial since he had no known physical address other than Maribe's house.

    According to justice Wakiaga, Jowie who is the first accused was likely to abscond from the court if freed on bail since he had established he had not held a job in the country apart from being a security detail of VIPs during the last election.

    Wakiaga further ruled that Jowie could interfere with witnesses since there was material indicating that he had attempted to destroy the clothes he had worn on the day Ms Kimani was murdered.

    The judge also noted that since Jowie had experience dealing with weapons there was a likelihood of witnesses feeling intimidated.

    He further argued that since the first accused had been placed at the scene of the crime by witnesses by way of a parade he might have an idea of who they are and releasing him on bail was not in their best interest.

    Jowie was also denied bail since the judge noted that he was nursing a gunshot wound, "what comes out is that he is under threat and he needs close supervision under protective custody" Judge Wakiaga stated.