Kenyatta National Hospital Installs Armed Guards

  • Kenyatta National Hospital has initiated major security changes after a nurse was attacked at the facility last month.

    The hospital has installed armed police officers on every floor of the facility and all entry points to ensure safety of staff members and patients.

    “On safety and security, the management has engaged General Service Unit, Administration Police and increased guards to secure high risk areas especially Accidents and Emergency, entrances and all floors.

    “It is also worth noting that the management has initiated a rapid response system ‘mulika uhalifu’ (report crime) to enhance real-time response and reporting of incidents,” Acting Chief Executive Thomas Mutie mentioned.

    Mutie further stated the facility has developed a standard operating procedure on communication to the bereaved families and dissatisfied clients.

    “There shall be debriefing sessions for the nursing team and to provide regular sensitisation on effective communication.”

    KNH has also set aside ksh 891million for a perimeter wall and CCTV cameras to help improve security.

    In the recent past, the facility has been under public scrutiny over the rampant security breaches.

    In 2015, Cosmas Mutunga, a cancer patient was stabbed 42 times and bludgeoned to death with an iron bar while admitted at the hospital.

    Earlier this year details emerged that new mothers were being harassed on the corridors of the hospital.

    Several female nurses have also complained about sexual harassment by male patients in the orthopedic wing.