How DP Ruto Made 70+ Trips to 31 Counties in 3 Months

  • Ruto launching the construction of the Mwiyogo-Enderesha road in Kieni, Nyeri County File
  • It is reported that Deputy President William Ruto has made over 70 trips in 31 counties over the last three months from August to November.

    Many may wonder how Ruto was able to be in all the places in such a short span of time.

    Early this year, his office announced a tender for a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft services.

    Ruto inspecting the busia sugar industry in Matayos, Busia County

    This is what he has been using to traverse the country in what he has termed a development tour which has seen him visit as many as four counties in one day.

    He has been opening projects, commissioning new ones as well as attending fundraisers for which he is a favourite guest because of his generosity.

    The trips are likely to cost taxpayers millions in fuel and logistics for Ruto and his large entourage.

    The public engagements have been termed by many as a political mobilisation strategy for his 2022 presidential campaign by different quarters.

    Most of his trips have concentrated on western Kenya, as well as the central region, where he has visited 20 times.

    This comes even after the government had cut down the budget for foreign and domestic travel as part of its austerity measures.

    Ruto launching the Last Mile Connectivity Project in Migori

    Just recently, he was in Nyanza, a perceived opposition stronghold, which explained the absence of key ODM MPs during the tour.