CS Fred Matiang'i Reveals Cartel Running Matatu Business in Nairobi

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  • The upcoming crackdown on the public transport sector is inevitable and a monster that CS Fred Matiang'i has vowed to tackle and instill law and order.

    Speaking to the press at the Kenya School of Government, Matiang'i stated that the undertaking was a tough journey, that shall entail a face-off with a cartel that has captured the public sector.

    Matiang'i authoritatively observed that the sector was the greatest and typical illustration of the lawless in the country, noting that this must be changed.

    Interiors CS Fred Matiang'i at the Kenya School of Government

    "We are dealing with a sector where people have actually decided to be the law themselves. This public transport sector has grown into some sort of a monster. 

    "If we do not take firm decisions to restore order, we will surely lose our society. Where else on earth do you buy a vehicle as an investor and you have to pay Ksh50,000 to be admitted to a route!" remarked the evidently perturbed Matiang'i.

    He termed the unscrupulous individuals as a cartel that is fearless and tough and hardened enough, they even face the security forces making it difficult for officers to enforce the law.

    "You have to pay some faceless characters for nothing, there is no contract to show what you will get after paying the fifty thousand. They are people matatu operators would not name. It is happening in most of our urban areas," admitted the CS.

    The CS further pointed out that the bodaboda industry was such a menace to the security organs. At least none of the traffic commandants could disagree with the CS over concerns emerging from the bodaboda operators.

    The crackdown starting on Monday, Matiang'i says is a tough journey but the "madness has to be sorted out."

    "We are taking a longer route this time. It is not going to be a short time measure. We are going to institutionalise this so that we tackle this issue now, tomorrow and always. We will focus on the whole chain of responsibility," stated CS Matiang'i.

    Interior CS Fred Matiang'i