President Uhuru in New Partnership to Engage Churches

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta Daily Nation
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday welcomed the engaging of religious institutions in boosting better moral standards among young people in Kenya.

    Speaking in Juja during the weekend, Uhuru noted that the churches had a crucial role to play in upholding morals in society and as such would be roped in efforts made by the government.

    He welcomed efforts channelled towards setting up churches in the country, noting that it was part of the journey to having a better nation.

     President Uhuru at PCEA Berea Church, Gachororo in Juja

    "As we pull our resources together to construct these places of worship, we also contribute towards the well being of our society.

    "My Government will closely engage religious organizations towards instilling better morals among our young people," held President Uhuru.

    He was speaking during a funds drive at PCEA Berea Church, Gachororo where he commissioned the construction of a new church building.

    On Sunday his deputy William Ruto attended the 30th anniversary of the Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM), Karen, Nairobi County.

    Ruto has been supporting churches in an initiative to translate the Bible into local languages, a move he says seeks to have more people reading and getting a better understanding of the scriptures.

    DP Ruto at a Church in Karen