Odinga Family Owes Kisumu County Ksh8 Million in Unpaid Land Rates

  • The Odinga family have been listed among top land rate defaulters who owe millions to Kisumu County in unpaid land rates.

    Kenya’s first Vice-President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and his son Dr Oburu Oginga are in the defaulters list released by Kisumu Land Task Force Committee on Saturday.

    Committee Secretary Nicholas Migot affirmed that the late vice-president, registered as Ajuma Oginga Odinga and Dr Oginga were in the list.

    The names were in a published list of 581 defaulters who owe more than Ksh15 billion in land rates.

    Oginga Odinga owes the county Ksh7,774,099 while his son owes Ksh295,743.

    George Weda, the former chairman of the task force noted that the late Jaramogi and other unnamed individuals were exempted from payment by the defunct authorities.

    He mentioned that this was due to what they had done in the society.

    The defaulters are required to clear their arrears by December 21.

    “The county government of Kisumu hereby gives notice to the general public and land rate defaulters, that for efficient land rate management and verification of ownership records as captured, the defaulters are directed to pay all their dues by December 21,” the notice states.

    Migot remarked that those in the list will lose the parcels of land if they do not clear their debts.