How to Check 2019 Form One Selection

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  • The Ministry of Education has released the list of candidates who were shortlisted to join Form One in national schools in 2019.

    Candidates who scored more than 400 marks all got admission as more were selected compared to last year.

    The ministry has set up a way candidates can check what schools they have been admitted to by sending a message to 22384.

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    The format for the message should be formatted as follows: LNK#Indexnumber. For example, LNK#0471247885.

    The service is available for all mobile phone carriers an also attracts a charge of Kshs 25.

    Admission to Extra County and County schools will be released on December 5 and will also be available through the same method.

    For those with an internet connection, the selection can be accessed on the ministry’s website

    Data from the ministry shows that the available spaces in the 103 national schools stood at 29,712.

    In 2018, 12,273 candidates scored 401 marks and above and, therefore, guaranteed slots at some of the prestigious schools.

    The Education Ministry has set new strategies to curb fraud and promote transparency in Form One admissions.

    The new rules include online transmission of admission letters, verifying admission figures for each school against declared capacity and compelling head teachers to report vacancies so they are filled up in consultation with the ministry.

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