Woman From Homa Bay County Dies After Her Phone Explodes Following Lightning Strike

  • A woman from Rangwe Constituency, Homa Bay County was on Sunday night killed after her phone exploded.

    Reports indicate that 45-year-old Mary Akinyi from Kadibuoro Village died after lightning struck her cell phone and transmitted the electric charge into her body.

    The lightning allegedly struck a solar panel on the roof of the couple’s house before the power surge was conducted through the electric wiring to her phone.

    The high voltage led to the explosion of the phone which was charging on the bed where Akinyi and her was a husband Patrick Yala Okach were fast asleep.

    A lightning bolt strikes during thunderstorm

    Okach sustained serious injuries during the incident and was rushed to Ndiru Health Centre.

    Nathaniel Ochieng’, a brother-in-law to the deceased, indicated that the explosion of Akinyi's mobile phone led to severe burns and killed her on the spot.

    Other electronic devices connected to the solar system were reportedly destroyed in the unfortunate incident.

    Okach was rushed to the health centre in a critical condition with reports indicating that he was vomiting blood, unconscious and had sustained cuts from the shuttered phone.

    Elsewhere in Nangina Ward, Busia County one footballer was killed and six of his teammates were struck by lightning as they were celebrating a goal.

    Red Sharks FC defender Allan Mbote was struck dead by lightning at Luchululo Primary School grounds in Funyula Sub-county.

    A thunderbolt strikes during a storm