350 Guns Missing From Police Warehouse Intercepted in Nakuru

  • An alarm has been raised over the alleged secret transfer of 350 guns from a police warehouse in Nairobi.

    The guns are said to have been intercepted by police in Nakuru.

    According to reports, the guns were part of a 10,000-firearms-consignment consisting of AK 47s and G3 rifles supposed to be distributed among police units, including police reservists.

    The intercepted weapons were alleged to have been on transit to Turkana North and Turkana South to be distributed to police reservists in the area.

    The guns were intercepted on orders from the Deputy Inspector General Edward Mbugua, on grounds that he had not approved the transfer.

    Police bosses are allegedly against Inspector General Joseph Boinnet's move to arm police reservists, except for those bordering Somalia.

    According to reports, they argued that it was more viable to provide arms for reservists guarding residents against outsiders instead of arming one community against another.

    They are reported to have however opposed the move to arm reservists, especially in Rift valley as it was likely to cause inter-ethnic war.

    The bosses also raised concern over the building political tension arguing if the guns fell in the wrong hands, they would be used for evil motives.

    Police Spokesperson Charles Owino has since come out to dismiss the allegation of the secret gun transfers arguing that the National Police Service was not involved in any secret arming of reservists.

    "Our attention has been drawn to an article published in today's edition of The Star alleging that there was secret arming of Police Reservists. The article is sadly a mixture of few facts, and lots of half-truths and outright falsehoods," read a tweet in their official Twitter page.

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