Former Youth PS Lillian Omollo Demands Kshs 2.26 Million Monthly Upkeep

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  • Former PS Lilian Omollo took a petition to court requesting that they release Kshs2.26 million monthly from her frozen accounts.

    According to the former PS, the millions she was demanding would go into meeting her family’s basic needs.

    Omollo, through her lawyer Stephen Ligunya, told the court that she could no longer afford to feed and take her children to school.

    Former Youth Affairs PS Lillian Omollo in court on May 29

    This is after the court froze 10 of her accounts that held Kshs33.1 million, on suspicion that she was involved in the transfer on money during the NYS Corruption scandal.

    “The applicants have been deprived of the means to provide for their reasonable living expenses and basic needs which have caused them and their dependents undue hardships,” Omollo’s petition read.

    She argued that according to the anti-money laundering laws, the court is allowed to revise freeze orders if the suspect’s living expenses and hardships outweigh the loss of the frozen cash.

    Omollo also presented a list of her monthly expenses that she needed to meet, breaking down the Kshs2.26 million she was demanding.

    They include Kshs5.2 million school expenses for her kids, Kshs 150,00 food expenses, Kshs 150,000 mortgage to KCB, Kshs 219,000 as salary for six domestic workers and Kshs 139,800 school expenses for dependents.

    The former PS is also demanding Kshs 150,000 upkeep for her elderly parents, Kshs 449,000 for the maintenance of her vehicles and fuel, Kshs 102,079 for utility bills, and Kshs 210,000 for unforced expenses.

    Omollo is accused of having being involved in the scandal that saw NYS lose more than Kshs1 billion during her tenure as PS for Public Service and Youth

    Former Youth Affairs PS Lillian Omollo